Your car’s steering and suspension system is critical to the operation of your vehicle. It’s evident that a car is useless if you can’t steer it, and your suspension system can also impact the vehicle’s handling. At Metric Motors, we have a team of experienced mechanics and the right equipment needed to make steering and suspension adjustments and repairs in our Loveland auto repair shop.

Are you having difficulty turning the steering wheel? Your power steering system might need to be flushed.

If you’re experiencing a bumpy ride or trouble with your alignment, you may be in need of new shocks, struts, or ball joints.

The good news is that these car repairs are more affordable than you may realize, and you’ll save money by addressing the problem now before it turns into a bigger, more expensive one. A well-tuned steering and suspension system will also give you better gas mileage, as well as prolonging the life of your tires by avoiding excessive wear.

Turn To Metric Motors In Loveland For All Your Suspension & Steering Needs

If you’re not sure what’s happening with your steering or suspension system, bring your vehicle to our auto repair shop.

You will get solid advice from an expert mechanic who will inspect your vehicle and diagnose the problems you may be experiencing. Our long list of satisfied customers trust us to handle every auto repair need through professional service and fair pricing.

Also, be sure to check our specials to save even more when you come to Metric Motors. Give us a chance to prove why we’re the only Loveland car repair shop you’ll ever need! Schedule your appointment with us today.