Brake Service

When you get into your car and start driving, you completely depend on your brakes to stop your vehicle when you press on them. We don’t need to tell you, brake failure due to neglect can be devastating to both the vehicle and its passengers. To prevent any accidents, and to keep you and your family safe, bring your car into our auto mechanic shop for complete brake inspections that will give us a clear picture of the condition of your brakes. If there are any issues in their mechanical performance, we can fix your brakes and fix the problem before it gets out of hand.

When your brake pads are worn, a grinding noise will come from the wheel. This sound comes from a piece of metal within the pads meant to alert the driver that pad replacement is overdue. If you continue to drive your car, allowing the grinding noise to continue, you will scar the brake rotors, possibly to the point that they require replacement as well. To avoid expensive brake repairs, be sure to bring in your vehicle as soon as you hear any unusual noises coming from your vehicle.

Beyond unusual noises, most cars are equipped with sensors that illuminate lights on your dashboard when maintenance is due. The brake light may indicate multiple different problems related to the integrity of your brakes. Failure to repair or replace the malfunctioning element can lead to costly repairs or serious injury to passengers or bystanders.

Contact Metric Motors today for reliable and trustworthy auto repairs in Loveland, Colorado. Our auto mechanics will do a thorough inspection and will let you know what repairs, if any, are needed to get you back on the road quickly and safely!